When selecting photos for training your model, distinguishing between good and bad examples is essential.

Bad photos include those where the subject is not looking at the camera, there is more than one person or a busy background, the face is positioned too far or too close to the camera, the angle and lighting are poor, there's a funny or unflattering expression, and the photo is blurry and pixelated.

On the other hand, good photos feature the subject looking directly at the camera, a single person against a clean background, the face occupying more than 20% of the frame, a well-chosen angle with a clear view of the face, a professional and appropriate expression, and ideally, they are captured using a professional-grade camera. Selfies usually work best. Following these tips will help you capture photos that truly shine.

Ensure successful results with your uploads by following these do's and don'ts. Do upload your finest photos, as the quality of your uploads directly impacts your outcomes. To remind you, a good upload can lead to satisfactory results. Always ensure you are the sole subject in the photos when uploading – avoid including groups or others. Following these guidelines will help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Here are some final tips to maximize your experience: Remember that the AI forms its impression based solely on your photos. If you use older pictures, the AI will depict you as your older self. The AI learns from familiar patterns, so frequently occurring emotions, lighting conditions, and more will influence the outcomes. This applies to serious and playful expressions, including not looking at the camera. Remember, your input's quality directly impacts the output's quality. Stay mindful of these tips for optimal results.